History/Maxwell: The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs is America’s leading graduate school of public affairs and is home to many social sciences undergraduate programs. It focuses on innovation, interdisciplinary teaching, and thorough research in the social sciences, public policy, public administration, and international relations. Maxwell’s strengths can be seen in its diversity and the variety of educational missions that work together to create the best education. To find out more about the Maxwell School, click the logo.

Phi Alpha Theta: This “history club” is the international honor society for history students. As an academic organization on campus, they execute many informative and interesting programs and events. Phi Alpha Theta also encourages its members to learn and practice the methods of the historian to achieve the best results possible. To read more about them or information on joining, click the Greek letters below.

SU Abroad: The Syracuse University’s study abroad program is ranked amongst the highest-quality international study abroad programs in the country, accepting students from countless and various universities across the country. Students who are admitted into SU abroad programs enjoy the benefits of having access to invaluable internships, Signature Seminars, languages courses of all levels, homestays or exchange programs, and community engagement projects. The SU abroad programs operate in locations that are extremely relevant and rich in history. It current holds eight overseas sites apart from programs through various world partners. Want to learn more? Click the logo to check out their website and learn more.


SU Special Collections: Syracuse University’s Bird Library’s Special Collections Research centers (SCRC) facilitates the enrichment of scholarship and learning through collections of historic, antique, classic, and vintage materials. Through exhibitions, lectures, and seminars, SCRC devotes itself to connecting students, scholars, and the general public to its fascinating collections. SCRC preserves rare books, manuscripts, and various other primary source materials relevant to all historical time periods and events through various collections areas such as activism and social reform, architecture and design, popular culture, photography and much more. For more information and to check out their collection and archives, click the logo.